Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why Can't I Stay Home from School?

William has been home from school for two days now. He started with a fever Sunday night(2am, of course) and I've been giving him Motrin every ~6 hours since then. Yesterday, almost exactly 6 and a half hours after his last dose, I took his temperature. 102. Ouch. This morning, the pre-Motrin temp was 100.1 (but it's always lower in the morning). However, this afternoon, I did NOT dose him again, and he seems to be feeling ok. I may give him some pre-emptively overnight, but I'm hopeful maybe he can go back to school tomorrow. It's space week! He doesn't even realize he's missing cool stuff!

Rachel was the one who got to go to the Dr. today. She had a headache yesterday (started Sunday afternoon), and our school nurse is a little...overenthusiastic. Or cautious, depending on how you look at it. She's been after me about Rachel's blood pressure for about 6 months now, because it's high for a 9-10 yr. old. So combined with the headache, I finally gave in and took her to the dr. today. Bottom line, it's probably nothing, but it is a little high (their records show it fine in October), so she's recommending an echocardiogram just to make sure there's not a murmur we haven't heard, or some other defect. I'm having deja vu - JC ended up with a CAT scan of his head because he went in to the nurse so many times for headaches. We keep saying he had his head examined and they didn't find anything (ba dum bum, tsssh!)

So hopefully everyone will go to school tomorrow and I can hit the grocery store and Costco. And oh, yeah, maybe the gym too! It's kind of pathetic that I'm looking forward to that...isn't it?


Jill said...

NO! Not pathetic that you're looking forward to it! Looking forward to the gym is what you're striving for. And I always look forward to shopping without the kids! It's precious alone time with my own thoughts!

Susan Z said...

I actually weigh the "going to the store alone" versus "being late to get home to the kids." I've decided that it is not that kids slow you down or speed you up, it's just that you loose control of the speed because there is only their speed.