Friday, June 27, 2008


We take Rachel and JC to camp tomorrow. It is midnight, and I think JC is still up - I let him order the "colossal" cheeseburger at Friendly's and I think it is not agreeing with him. General rule of thumb - don't eat food with "colossal" in the name!

Rachel has been bouncing off the walls excited. This is good, as she hasn't done that many sleepovers and not all of them were sucessful. She's going for a week of sleepaway camp and can't call Mom at 10pm to come get her. I think she'll be fine, but I reserve the right to be a little worried. I'm thinking she'll be so tired at the end of each day she won't have time to be homesick. At least, I hope so.

And I'll be home with just William. I'm afraid it will be a week of "Mom, I'm bored. I miss Rachel and JC." But we have some fun things planned and I hope to plan some more.

Can't believe I'll be without two of my babies for a week. And they're leaving me, not the other way around. Somehow, when they're safe in the nest, it's easier. So this is a good experience for me, too. I try really hard not to be a helicopter mom. But it takes letting your children be in situations that allow them to fail, or at least, flail.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wait, there's more!

Rachel just walked in, so now we have "after" shots.

So now everyone in the family has a nice, neat short haircut for summer. I got mine last weekend. Oh, wait - John still needs a trim. Then we're good to go!

The Kindest Cut

Tuesday, Rachel and I went to the hairdressers. I documented most of the process - 10+" cut off to send to Locks of Love. She has a shoulder-length bob now - which I haven't gotten a picture of yet! But she looks very cute, and it will be easy for camp.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Channeling Alice Cooper

School's out for summer.....
School's out for ever....

Last day of school for the big kids today. Yeah! I'm ready for some sleeping in. Although we're scheduled to go down to the shore tomorrow for an amusement park, but we're not leaving until 10-ish.

Rachel came home crying, having realized she's changing schools and won't see her teacher again. I told her we can go visit her when we take William in to meet his teacher. Every other year Rachel has been buoyed up by the prospect of dropping by the old classroom on the first day of school. She's an emotional kind of kid. But I'll admit I did think this was a good year, a good teacher, and she learned a lot. She got A's in everything except Math (B), and Social Studies (B). I wasn't surprised. This year she had to learn all the states and she struggled with spelling, and placement if she didn't study. On the final test (all 50 states!) she got them all in the right place, but misspelled about 15. And somehow, she still struggles with basic facts in math. It's not second nature.

Something to work on this summer, I guess.

JC's report card will come in the mail. I don't know what to expect for him. His last progress report was good. Wonder if he maintained that?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Winding Down

William had his Kindergarten Graduation on Friday. I actually got there early enough to have front row seats.

They sang a couple of songs. And William actually sang! He's the tall one in the back row. He's really matured a lot this year.

But, he's still got that goofy side. I secretly hope he doesn't loose it. But also that he doesn't embarass us too often.

They all made pages for a big book about "Next year, I can't wait..." William's page said, "Next year, I can't wait to make new frients."

JC had "Skate Day" on Saturday (in 96 degrees!) They played 10 minute games for a mini-playoffs. He's got that "I'm so cool, I play roller hockey" vibe in this picture.
I think there's still a goofy grin under the face mask, though. But his team did really well, and we have a "real" playoff game tonight. If it's not a million degrees out there. Or pouring rain as the front comes through.

Havin' a heat wave, a tropical heat wave...

It's HOT here in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic region. So hot that they had an early closing for the public schools in our town yesterday. We've been in the school system 8 years now - this is the first time I remember that happening. But the elementary/middle schools are mostly not air-conditioned, and it was 98 degrees yesterday. The high school is 95% air-conditioned and in the middle of exams, so those kids had to stay.

They've already announced an early closing for today. So has William's school. The kids are psyched. I'm just glad I hadn't planned anything for today that required kids to be in school (eg., a doctor's appointment). We'll hang out in the a/c and I'll let them play too many video games. I volunteered to make cookies for Rachel's 4th grade send-off (they're moving to another school for 5th grade), but that can wait for the cooler temperatures that should arrive tomorrow.

And yes, I'll say it - it's not the heat, it's the humidity. :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Parental Guilt

Maybe it's just me, but there is always something to feel guilty about when you're a parent. My latest thing? JC's hair. He came home from school the next day complaining about it. I think he got teased. A lot. I thought he'd be fine, after all, we did exactly the same thing last year. But now he's in 7th grade, so Mom's admittedly mediocre haircut just doesn't cut it. I suppose we'll have to take him to a barber for some actual style next time.

And Rachel said something this morning about not cutting her hair. Nooooo! She has been growing it out to donate to Locks of Love (2nd time!) and I can't WAIT for it to be shorter.
A) It's really cute in a bob.
B) It's MUCH easier to brush. No more tears!
C) She wouldn't have to put it up every day.
D) Did I mention it's easier to brush? And wash?
She has started to put it in a ponytail herself for the last couple of days, I think as an effort to bolster her case. But she's spending a week at camp in July - there's no way she is going to get it clean in those showers, and there are TICKS in New Jersey. It's gotta go!

But I feel a little guilty about it.

Monday, June 2, 2008

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Shearing the Sheep

Most summers, we end up "buzzing" the boys' hair. Living in an area with ticks, not to mention heat and humidity, it's just easier. Especially since they both have enough hair for two people. We'd been letting JC's go for a while, and John suggested that tonight we could just do it. We always do it outside - it's just easier.
I've had my Wahl trimmer since JC was only a couple of years old. I've never cleaned or maintained it, particularly. Works great. I used the #4 comb, all over, then cleaned up the edges and sideburns.

JC is lucky (?) enough to have two cowlicks on the back of his head, plus one near his forhead, so this side of his hair looks a little funny because of that. And no, I didn't cut two bald spots, it's how the hair reflected the flash.

I think his teachers and friends aren't going to recognize him tomorrow. Can't wait until Rachel donates hers to Locks of Love. We have to wait until after the dance recital since it has to be in a ponytail. Maybe I'll buzz William tomorrow. Let's hear it for low maintainence!

Street Fair

The little town south of us (where we used to live) had a Street Fair today. We went down after church and had lunch there, then dropped JC and Rachel at the gaming store for their weekly D&D session. William and John and I then leisurely walked the street fair.

I found a very cool visor/hat - nice broad brim, although it still leaves the back of your neck exposed. Adjustable, which is key since I have a big head (hey, that's not nice!) and most women's hats are too small. William found a very nice wooden two-rotor helicoptor and some little knit finger puppets. And he went on a couple of the big inflatable jumpy-things (do they have an official name?), and we bought junk to eat - Dippin' Dots ice cream, kettle corn, funnel cake.

But the best part is watching the people. Perhaps they're the ones that I notice, but I see a segment of society at events like this that really is not part of my everyday life. Lots of tattoos. Lots of piercings. Moms who were trying a little too hard to dress young (do they realize it makes them look older?). Dogs, dogs, dogs, and their people.

It was fun, though William and I crashed on the couch and watched "Little Bear" on Noggin afterwards. I love that he'll still snuggle up, and that he was willing to watch one of my favorite little kid shows. He hadn't seen it for ages, and he really enjoyed it. Still my little boy. I'm kind of savoring that sometimes, since I'm realizing how big he is getting.

But it's nice to have a little one for now.