Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And There Was Light

We have power back on. 12 days without power is something I really don't want to repeat (yes, I'm aware that's a very first-world statement. I live in a first-world house in a first-world country). We cheated a bit by going to Indiana for 5 days with the marching band, and came home to power.

However, we still don't have tv, phone or Internet, so I am still posting from my phone. Hopefully, we will have our internet back on Thursday, which was the earliest I could get a service appointment. I have things to say and pictures to share, and that's tough right now.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

So Close and Yet So Far

We STILL don't have power. Friends of ours down the street about less than a mile away got theirs back this afternoon, so it is creeping our way. There was a crew working on our corner, and they said "maybe tonight, probably tomorrow morning".

I hope they are right. It was very cold last night.

We have rigged up our small tv to the old antenna, so we do get to watch some of the election, at least.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Put On Your Own Mask First

We are still without power after a full week. I referred to it as an anniversary, but the kids were not amused. The power company said "Wednesday?" when I called for a status update, so I don't know if she was trying to be hopeful or truthful.

We have reached the stage of tedium. It is really completely boring to be without power this long. It's not like there's much we can personally do to change the situation. John has power cords running all the house to make various things possible - I was able to do some computer work that  needed to get done and he even watched the Giants on the big tv (we still have an antenna in the attic). But he brought down the whole system trying to fire up the upstairs furnace, so that was the limit. It has kept him busy, and that's been a good thing.

Honestly, that's been the lesson. John and I have to be careful to keep ourselves on an even keel. Don't forget to eat, drink enough water, get enough sleep, etc.; because if you get stressed, the kids react, and everyone starts to fall apart.

Put your own mask on before you try to help others.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Still Powerless

Not sure what to say anymore. Yes, still sitting in the dark. Yes, still cobbling together a little power to for hot water and heat. John tried to fire up the upstairs furnace in the hopes of warming the bedrooms some, but we don't have quite enough juice.

The good news is that John was able to fill up his car without much trouble today, so hopefully the gas crisis is easing with Gov. Christie's rationing. And a few more roads are clear, and a few more people have power.

But not us.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Still in the Dark

We are still powerless. We've achieved a stable state of a little bit of power from the inverter, hot water, and we have plenty of food. We've done laundry at frIend's houses.

Being a "victim" in this case is surprisingly boring. There's not much we can do to regain electricity. We've done some cleanup on the yard but it's all non-urgent. The kids didn't have school, and evenings have been a lot of sitting around, talking of course, but still kind of slow. Just, you know, boring.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Sorry, the iPhone apparently not supported by blogger. Praying the forecast changes, of course.

Still in the Dark

No power here, of course, but it was an ok day. We spent most of it at a friend's house doing laundry. The kids played video games and surfed the web and are a little happier tonight.

We've seen a few signs of progress. There are new poles at the major street about a mile from us. Gas rationing goes into effect tomorrow (based on license plate, odd fill on odd numbered days, etc ) which will hopefully reduce the insane lines (and fights). We have not had to fill up yet and are waiting in the hopes things calm down.

We still have major trees down and getting I. And out of our neighborhood is a challenge. Which streets are open? Which was and is now blocked because they're working? I'll take it as a sign of progress.

But the weather is predicted to get colder and a nor'easter may hit middle of next week. Praying the f

Thursday, November 1, 2012

This is Not an Adventure

We are still without power and likely to be this way for some time. Our house is on the eastern side of the ridge in our town, and appears to have caught the brunt of the wind in our area. The eye of Sandy passed south of us, so the north side of the hurricane, which has less rain but stronger winds, hit us and our ridge sheltered the towns on the other side. They have some trees down and no power, but nothing like up here.

The trees all fell towards the west, so the north-south streets have multiple trees on them, some very very large. Power lines are down all over the place, and we've found one spot where a high voltage line came down and melted a crater into the asphalt - we are lucky no houses burned here. But there are power poles snapped and we've yet to see even a city crew even starting to clear roads. Power will be at least a week, maybe more.

We are surviving off an inverter John hooked to his car battery. It gives us enough for the gas appliances that have electronic ignition (water heater, stove, fireplace) and to charge our phones. We did have the router on it and internet - until someone cut our fiber yesterday. It was hanging kind of low across the street and I guess they thought it was a hazard to large trucks.

I was doing pretty well until we lost Internet yesterday and John couldn't get the water heater to light this morning. We used the last of the water for short showers, but it's going to be a long wait if we don't have hot water.