Sunday, January 29, 2012

Still January?

Except for the fact that it is dark when I get up, and dark before dinner, you would never believe it is January.  Our weather has been... bipolar, or at least seriously disturbed.  Little or no snow (maybe 3 inches, which melted within two days), largely warm (I think between 45 and 60 is warm for winter, don't you?), and quite rainy.  Not the norm, really.
But January it is, and I am feeling the holiday rebound.  Despite the fact that we kept the holidays pretty simple, I still spent the first two weeks of January feeling like I was recovering.  But things are slowly looking up, and i think I am up for Rachel's birthday party at the end of the week.  She's inviting a dozen friends for pizza and movies.  Given that we survived a previous invasion, we should be ok.  But it is time to firebomb the house and get it actually cleaned up.

So since I have so little to actually entertain you with, I give you amusing pictures:

Turns out, if you're cleaning out a cabinet and leave a cat-sized space, you get a cat.

Reliably - he had to make a pretty good jump to make this one.  Yes, Rachel is standing, so he jumped almost 5 feet.

And finally, yarn porn.  I actually spent some of the weekend updating my stash on Ravelry. And it looked naked without pictures, so I took and uploaded pictures.  Not done yet, but did a good chunk.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Zombie Invasion

I bought some weights the other day. Fairly lightweight (3lbs) with the intention of working on strengthening my wrists. I've been doing a yoga class at the gym and have discovered that my wrists are what gives out first (although I'll admit that it's a race between my wrists and my upper arms during downward dog). So William came home from school today and discovered the weights. "Mom, if we welded spikes on these, wouldn't they be awesome for fighting zombies? Hey, if you were running from the zombies, you could throw this through the sliding door and then you wouldn't have to stop to open it." There were a few more suggestions for zombie fighting with 3 lb. weights, and I admitted that none of these ideas had occurred to me. "You would totally want me around in case of a zombie invasion, Mom." Yes. Yes, I would.