Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Is it just me, or does New Year's Day always seem like a little bit of a let-down to others, also? It has that "Christmas Afternoon" feeling to it, you've been waiting and anticipating something wonderful, and it happens, and then... what?

We're cleaning and playing and working on homework. JC's working on homework, he has a project due Friday, and in the process of pushing him to finish more of it early, we realized there was a substantial aspect that he was not understanding. So it's become a "do-over" and he is NOT happy. I'm suspecting this is why he is not doing well in his Social Studies class - he says he doesn't know why his grade is poor, and I'm thinking this is has probably happened on previous projects he has done in the class. So I'm actually letting him slide on thank-you notes for the moment, but it's still been an afternoon of arguing and emotions.

We did have a very nice New Year's Eve with friends. We ate lots of food and played several board games, and William was occupied playing with their youngest, so I got to actually play. Turned on the TV about 10 minutes before midnight, poured sparkling wine for grownups and sparkling cider for children, and we all toasted the new year. And then immediately packed up and went home.


Susan Z said...

I feel the same way about New Years. I think part of the problem is that is so close to Christmas and there are not that many decorating/songs/etc. associated with New Years. It also makes a difference whether you have a place to go celebrate.

Jill said...

New Year's used to be fun when I was single and young and could stay up late drinking a little too much, flirting perhaps, and just generally being hip and cool and social. Now with kids and a bah-humbug husband, I'm usually up by myself sleeping in front of the TV, pretending to watch the ball drop. This year we all went to a kid-friendly new-year's eve party with some old friends, had crafts for the kids, toasted early, and went home at 10:30 (which was INCREDIBLY late for my kids -- but they did GREAT!) Hubby is still pretty bah-humbug, but I tried to have a good time anyway.