Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Never Too Many Legos

My kids love Legos.  I love Legos - I'm not as creative as they are, but I've done my fair share of "Mom, can you help me put this together?"  Rachel keeps threatening to buy me one of the bigger sets for me to "put together by myself" (fortunately, her budget is small).

But I love this.  It's a Ford Explorer, made of Legos, of course, recently completed for the opening of Legoland, Florida.

Florida?  That's a LOT closer than California, or any of the other Legolands.  Hmmm...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Last night was back-to-school night at the Middle School.  Our middle school was originally one of two high schools in town, then as the demographics changed, they added on to the other high school and turned this one into the middle school.  Along the way, there have been a number of renovations and additions to the Middle School to create the spaces they need for the students.

Long story short, there are three 2-story wings off a very loooong central hall (sort of "E" shaped, with a really long spine on the "E").  And of course, whatever classes your child has will be spaced and timed in such a way as to require them to walk the longest distance possible.

So I went to BTS last night for Rachel.  John stayed home to drive to the various activities and wrangle the kids.  At some point in the evening, he texted me, "How is BTSN?".  I texted back, "One more class."  He replied, "Wow-still at it?"

I was walking (fast) down the hall at the time, so I texted my reply to him without looking too hard.

No, I accidentally texted to Twitter.

So the next time something really random pops up on my Twitter feed?  Don't worry that you feel like you missed half the conversation.

You did.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Settling Into a Routine

We made it through the first Monday of the new school year.  Everyone was a little slow this morning but got where they needed to go.  I made it to the gym and to printmaking (trace monotype, I'll try to put up pictures in a few days when it's dry!).  Rachel had her first dance class of the year.  William opted to play before he did his homework, but all his friends did theirs first and then wanted to play.  That meant he had just started when the doorbell rang.  I'm hoping he's learned his lesson and will get his homework done early tomorrow.

In honor of Monday, I made a chocolate cake.  All three children and John asked what it was for.  I guess I should bake for just us more often, eh?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Second Day of School

Again started WAY too early in the morning - this time with thunder and torrential rain.  Having a deja vu moment back to Irene.  Didn't we just do this?

JC drove to school in the rain.  It had slowed down a bit, fortunately.  Another traffic zoo - hoping that calms down in the next few days as the seniors get their parking assignments.

Rachel got out the door on her own, on time (with lunch!).  Her bus was even mostly on time.  She spent 30 minutes sitting on the bus at school yesterday afternoon because the driver couldn't get it to start.  Here's hoping THAT doesn't happen again today.

Got a robo call just after Rachel's bus came (on time) that buses were expected to be 10-15 minutes late because of road flooding.  Hmmm.  Made the choice to get William out the door at the regular time, figuring he'd noodle around up at the bus stop for 10 minutes.  Nope.  Bus was smack on time - the girl next door missed it because her father believed the message.

Now I'm puttering around the house, planning lunch with a friend, avoiding going to the gym.  THIS feels like the first real day of school.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of School

Everyone got off on time, sort of. 

John had an early morning flight cancelled, so he got up at 4:45am to sit in the airport for two extra hours.

JC and I left 5 minutes late to drive him to school, so we hit extra traffic around the school, which meant that ...

Rachel was at the busstop when I got back, so I stopped there and hung out with her for a while.  But her bus was over 20 minutes late so I left her there and went home to wake up William - and realized just after her bus came that she had left the oh-so-important computer and weapons "contracts" and her info form on the counter at home.

William's bus came exactly on time.  Then I drove to the Middle School and brought Rachel her forms.

And now I have 30 minutes before I have a volunter meeting, which I will leave early to bring JC lunch at school before Marching Band practice this afternoon.

Somehow, I think tomorrow will feel a little more like the REAL beginning of school.