Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why Can't I Stay Home from School?

William has been home from school for two days now. He started with a fever Sunday night(2am, of course) and I've been giving him Motrin every ~6 hours since then. Yesterday, almost exactly 6 and a half hours after his last dose, I took his temperature. 102. Ouch. This morning, the pre-Motrin temp was 100.1 (but it's always lower in the morning). However, this afternoon, I did NOT dose him again, and he seems to be feeling ok. I may give him some pre-emptively overnight, but I'm hopeful maybe he can go back to school tomorrow. It's space week! He doesn't even realize he's missing cool stuff!

Rachel was the one who got to go to the Dr. today. She had a headache yesterday (started Sunday afternoon), and our school nurse is a little...overenthusiastic. Or cautious, depending on how you look at it. She's been after me about Rachel's blood pressure for about 6 months now, because it's high for a 9-10 yr. old. So combined with the headache, I finally gave in and took her to the dr. today. Bottom line, it's probably nothing, but it is a little high (their records show it fine in October), so she's recommending an echocardiogram just to make sure there's not a murmur we haven't heard, or some other defect. I'm having deja vu - JC ended up with a CAT scan of his head because he went in to the nurse so many times for headaches. We keep saying he had his head examined and they didn't find anything (ba dum bum, tsssh!)

So hopefully everyone will go to school tomorrow and I can hit the grocery store and Costco. And oh, yeah, maybe the gym too! It's kind of pathetic that I'm looking forward to that...isn't it?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tooth Fairy redux

We were supposed to bring "the box" for church this morning. For the children's sermon at church, the minister lets the kids bring in items (nothing alive!). They write clues, and he has to guess what the item is, then does a little sermonette relating that thing to God or Jesus or being Christian. He's very talented at both guessing and the sermon, so the kids love it. Every week, one child is picked for the next week.

William got the box last week, however there is no physical box to take home, we now have a beautiful wooden one that you're supposed to use once you're at church. However, without that visual clue, we are even worse at remembering to bring something than we were in the days when we used a shoebox. So none of us remembered until about 30 seconds before children's time. It suddenly hit me, but I also got the brainstorm to use William's missing tooth. So we say, "it wouldn't fit in the box", I come over and sit with them, and William gets to do his goofy grin for the congregation. I made up clues on the spot (with help from all three kids) and it was an ok save. If I'd had 5 more minutes I could have written out clues and everyone would have thought it was our plan from the start.

Next time I am SO writing it in the calendar.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's Not Nice to Fool the Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy had a little trouble last night. She went in, and looked under William's pillow for the tooth. No tooth (we'd put it in a clear plastic pill case). Not stuck between the mattress and frame. Not under or around him. Not in his hand. hmmm....

The tooth fairy called in the co-tooth fairy, who searched on the floor next to the bed, all around the mattress and frame, and under all the stuffed animals. No tooth. Turned on the light, searched again. Thank goodness William is a sound sleeper. Then the co-tooth fairy, wise in the ways of small boys, frisked him. He had put the pill case in his underwear.

The Tooth Fairys replaced the tooth with dollar coins, and replaced the pill case in his underwear. Then turned off the light, left the room, and completely cracked up.

This morning, William was all excited to show us his money, and was so amazed that the tooth fairy had done the switch and the case was still in his underwear!!!! We asked why he had put the case there, was he trying to catch the tooth fairy? No. I just did it.


Friday, January 25, 2008

A Visit from the Tooth Fairy

William has lost his first tooth. He's been wiggling it, and I knew it was getting REALLY loose, so when he came running downstairs about 20 minutes after he went to bed tonight, it wasn't really a surprise. He is VERY excited, so when we asked him what he wanted to do with it, the first thing he said was to take it to school to show everyone!

But when we asked if he wanted to leave it under the pillow, he was excited about that too. He's hoping the tooth fairy brings him money, so I'd best go arrange that with her before I forget. I'm thinking a dollar coin (maybe two) is sufficiently cool. Not sure quarters would cut it anymore.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Are YOU smarter than a 5th grader?

Ok, we don't watch a lot of network tv, but the few times I've caught this show, I've been hooked. Being a trivia buff in general, and fond of talking to the tv as well, this show is right up my alley. Besides, the few times I've watched it and the kids have been up, I've been able to impress them with my command of trivia. I'll take what I can get.

Tonight, I would have won $500,000, because I knew that "Gulliver's Travels" was written by Jonathan Swift. Sadly, the guy playing it knew that too, but wasn't sure enough, so he dropped out. In all fairness, I wasn't that sure either, so I probably would have dropped out also. However, he has $300,000, and I just have the moral satisfaction that I got the answer right with nothing at stake.

In other news, our excitment for the week came courtesy of John's sister. She called me yesterday from her dr's office. Seems she'd had trouble breathing while at work, made it to the office but they wouldn't let her drive home. I took her home, but later that afternoon John had to take her to the ER as it happened again. The diagnosis was "bronchial spasms", which is similar to an asthma attack. Probably related to a respiratory infection. Very scary. She seems to be doing ok now, and has an inhaler for emergencies, so we are hopeful the worst is over and thankful it wasn't worse. Makes you think twice about fluffing off that cold and cough!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Who Woulda Thunk It!

Go Giants! I was never much of a sports fan until graduate school. Hanging out with football fans meant I might as well watch the game because that's all that anyone talked about on Monday at lunch. And I participated in the football pool at work (won a few times, too). We haven't watched much this last season because the kids have had activities on Sunday afternoon. But I've been reading the sports section every day and really enjoying it.

Last night we watched the Green Bay - New York game. We had to bring an old TV up from the basement because JC and his friends were having a sleepover, and wanted to play video games. So the boys played their games in the dining room, and all claimed to have no interest in football. But every time we cheered or groaned loudly, they'd come running in, "What happened?"

It was a great game. I won't bore you with details if you're not a sports fan, and if you are, you probably know already. But we really enjoyed it, the Giants won in overtime, and they're going to the Super Bowl!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday again

The weeks are flying by, I can't believe it's most of the way through January already.

I did manage to create something yesterday, I decorated a tin as a card holder for a friend's birthday present. It evolved over the day and ended up nothing like what I intended, but I put dark chocolate inside and of course forgot to take a picture. Hopefully she liked it!

Our weekend project(s) is a 3D model of a cell for JC's science class, due Tuesday as the kids are off Monday. Our other weekend project is a sleepover for 3 of JC's friends Sunday night. Two I know well, one I've met once. Should be interesting. Hopefully we can get the cell done before then or Monday afternoon will be miserable. We're starting with a clear disposable salad bowl (with lid) I'd been hanging on to. Now I know why being a pack rat is good! And yes, i know I'm saying "we" when I should be saying "JC", but let's be realistic here - even if I don't ever touch the project, it won't get done without much pushing from me.

Well, I've been to the gym three times a week since the beginning of January - now let's see if I can work at being in bed before 11:30 (11 would be better, but I'm being realistic, after all).

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Creative Wasteland

In my life post-career (can you call 3 years of grad school and 2 years of work a career?), I have been mostly a stay-at-home mom. About 8 years ago I discovered art rubber stamping and realized that I really craved a creative outlet. 5 years ago, I joined Stampin' Up as a demonstrator, and immediately had a drop in output. I mostly was stamping in preparation for workshops or other demo activities. So this fall, I quit. I wasn't making money, as I spent it far faster than I earned it, and the push-pull of trying to balance growing my business and feeling like a creative person reached a head.

So now that I've quit, I've been crafting up a storm, right? I have this beautiful room for all my stuff now, not in the basement, right? Well, not so much. Almost every day, I think, "I should go in my crafting room and make something." If I make it in there, I'm sucked in by the computer and the lure of the Internet. I still shop like I'm creating, I have a TON of stuff, and sometimes I think that's part of the problem. I don't know where to start. There's such a disorganized mess in here, it's unpleasant to be in, and I feel like I should clean up before I do something.

But I keep thinking about it, and making baby steps back to it, and sometimes I think my general lack of motivation is a symptom, not a cause, and if I can get over that hump, all will be well. We'll see.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


That was what JC said yesterday morning when I asked him how he was. Our possible 5-8" of snow? Rain. Just rain. Tonight we got a little dusting that got the kids all excited, until they realized that it had stopped already and hadn't even completely covered the grass.

I don't remember being this excited about snow when I was growing up. But, then again, I grew up in Idaho, and there was a good chance of the first snow by the middle of October (my birthday!) most years. That was exciting, but soon after that there was snow that STAYED. Until March, it seemed. And we only had snow days when it was truly too deep to plow fast enough for school to happen. None of this snow day in anticipation of snow business.

Global warming? Perhaps.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Oh, and the party was awesome, and there's only a little bit to clean up (mostly dishes to hand wash). I got about 2/3 done last night, and didn't do anything but watch football and other TV with William today. Some with my eyes shut.

Go Giants! Third round of the playoffs - who'da thunk it?

Snow? or No?

We might (or might not) get a few inches of snow tonight and tomorrow morning. Or up to 7. Or none at all. Or it might come tomorrow afternoon.

Don't you love weather forcasts?

The kids are all in a tither because they're hoping for a snow day. I'm thinking worst case is a delayed opening, which of course would cause me to have to cancel my dentist appointment. A snow day would be better, I could leave JC in charge. But that's not going to happen. And at the moment, we seem to be about 20 miles or less south of the snow/rain line, so I think there are going to be some disappointed kiddos in the morning. But that also means I need to get up at 6am, so g'night!

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Problem with Blogging

Ok, the problem with having a blog is that I feel like I should post every day. And as someone who is already motivationally challenged (lazy?), sitting down at the computer is, or should be, a controlled substance. I can while away HOURS, even when none of my favorite blogs have posted lately. Just keep clicking on the links they like, and add those to your favorites list too!

So I'm procrastinating, because I should be cleaning. And doing laundry. And cooking - we're having some people over tomorrow. I've done a little of all those things, but I'm SO not done. And yesterday we didn't get much of anything done after school - JC had a band concert, and came home panicked because he was not supposed to wear sneakers to the concert. At the time he only owned one pair of shoes. Sneakers, of course. So we had our little panic attack, got the homework done for all three, and went out to Target to buy shoes. I was going to head to Payless, but that would have probably led to Burger King for dinner (blech!), and Target gave us the option of Pizza Hut in their cafe.

So from 5 pm until after 9, we were out of the house. The concert was very nice, the kids did a good job, but it was long. JC is now almost 2 full shoe sizes larger than his father, and now owns a pair of black shoes (semi-dressy), and a new pair of sneakers in addition to the falling-apart pair. Rachel found a pair of black slip-ons with a fancy white pattern on them (think Vans, not dressy) and William found a similar pair with skulls on them. "Awesome, Mom!" And he also HAD to have a pair of faux Crocs. 5 pairs of shoes for less than $70. Not so bad. But the house is still a mess.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cleaning Up

We are having some friends over Saturday. Needless to say, the house is a mess. So Sunday we made a plan - one room per day. Monday, we cleaned up the great room - it's not bad, needs a little tweaking but only about 10 minutes worth. Tonight we worked on the Family room. It's not quite there yet, but I dug out some piles that had been there for a LONG time. And we watched our wedding video. I don't remember feeling thin 18 years ago, but wow! Compared to now, I was a twig!

We also found a LOT of dust, which is mostly now dusted, except for that which is still swirling around irritating my nose. Where does it all come from, and do I really want to know how long it's been since I dusted?

Tomorrow is the big challenge - front hall, back hall, and.... stamping room. I'm going to try and get a head start tomorrow while the kids are at school. This is the dumping ground for everything that doesn't have a home elsewhere. Every horizontal surface is covered, including much of the floor. If you don't hear from me in 48 hours, send help!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday, Monday

Had a dr. appt. today - just the regular dr. Somehow, these days, everyone asks for clarification on that. I am surprised and flattered at the people that are asking me how I am - in a serious way - and even nagging me about moving forward looking for diagnosis. People who have serious issues of their own that REALLY are much worse than anything I have going on. It makes me feel like I'm really cared about.

I still love my dr - she listens, and remembers what I say, and doesn't pretend that she knows everything. I feel much more equal with her than I ever have with medical professionals before, and this is a good thing. We are partners in my health, and I like that.

And I went to the gym again (yea me!), which keeps me on track for my goal of three times a week. And we all worked together to clean up the great room this evening and it actually is! The kitchen needs more work, of course, but the rest looks pretty good. We're tackling one major room a day this week - having some friends over on Saturday and I'd like to not be embarassed about my house for once.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Lazy Weekend

We try to cram too much in on the weekend, most of the time. I tend to run the out-of-the house errands during the week when the kids are in school, so I'm not very good at getting the in-the-house stuff done. Weekends are the time we try to pick up the slack - laundry, picking up, cleaning, etc.

This weekend, John did most of the laundry, and I have to admit I haven't done much of anything. My pre-Christmas cold is still hanging on, and while I don't feel too bad, I'm still coughing and stuffy and feeling a little lousy AND a little sorry for myself (bad combo). So I picked at the house, here and there making a little progress, but I also played a lot of Lego Star Wars, both with and without children. And watched some tv and puttered on the computer. I did go to the grocery store, but only because we were completely out of milk, which makes breakfast very challenging in this house.

So now it's Sunday evening. I feel like there's still a huge to-do list in the house, which there is, but there always seems to be a huge list of housework. I feel slightly better, but I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow anyway. So it seems to be pretty neutral. Spun my wheels for the weekend, but not that much more behind than usual.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A New Year

It's been an interesting year - I'm debating whether I hope 2008 is interesting or not. The house is done - hired the painter over the summer to finish the trim. Had some health issues, which are ongoing, but I'm feeling sort of positive about the neuropathy. It is what it is, and we will deal with it. JC is doing better in school, and has a really positive attitude this year (yeah!). Rachel is starting to hit the challenging year school-wise, but she has a wonderful teacher who I really feel like I can partner with to help her. And William is really blossoming in kindergarten. I don't think he'll ever be a child who LOVES school, but he's clearly learning and enjoying it, and becoming social in a way he really wasn't last year. John's job is becoming more challenging, and it's clearly more stressful, but on the other hand, that seems to be a more rewarding, happier time for him than when he's bored at work. And he does like the travel - inconvenient for me on occasion, but it is truly something I have learned to live with and I don't mind.

And me? Feeling creative again, although I haven't created much lately. Actually sort of enjoying the ongoing project of cleaning my crafting room. It's a voyage of discovery, finding treasures I'd forgotten about. And it's gradually getting better, and hopefully staying better longer. I'm enjoying this blogging thing - it's very interesting to be keeping a diary/journal online, knowing that others are watching. It makes you think about things in a different way.

Happy New Year to all!


Silly, but fun. I like to think I'm like this...

The Recipe For Ann

3 parts Fearlessness

2 parts Friendship

1 part Tolerance

Splash of Understanding

Shake vigorously

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Is it just me, or does New Year's Day always seem like a little bit of a let-down to others, also? It has that "Christmas Afternoon" feeling to it, you've been waiting and anticipating something wonderful, and it happens, and then... what?

We're cleaning and playing and working on homework. JC's working on homework, he has a project due Friday, and in the process of pushing him to finish more of it early, we realized there was a substantial aspect that he was not understanding. So it's become a "do-over" and he is NOT happy. I'm suspecting this is why he is not doing well in his Social Studies class - he says he doesn't know why his grade is poor, and I'm thinking this is has probably happened on previous projects he has done in the class. So I'm actually letting him slide on thank-you notes for the moment, but it's still been an afternoon of arguing and emotions.

We did have a very nice New Year's Eve with friends. We ate lots of food and played several board games, and William was occupied playing with their youngest, so I got to actually play. Turned on the TV about 10 minutes before midnight, poured sparkling wine for grownups and sparkling cider for children, and we all toasted the new year. And then immediately packed up and went home.