Friday, February 1, 2008

Mommy Sick Day

It doesn't seem quite fair that the kids get to stay home from school when they feel lousy, but I still have to be Mommy when I feel lousy. I suppose if I were REALLY sick, I would stay in bed and John would manage the kids, but being only kinda sick is the pits. I have a scratchy throat, and a cough and a headache and body aches, but everything I was going to do today, I went out and did anyway. In the pouring rain.

Admittedly, John would have (and did) go to work in about the same condition, and if I were working outside the house, I probably would have too. But I still have to scrounge dinner for everyone, instead of just vegging on the couch. And at least pretend to clean up the kitchen afterwards.

Sometimes I really hate being a grownup.

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