Tuesday, January 15, 2008


That was what JC said yesterday morning when I asked him how he was. Our possible 5-8" of snow? Rain. Just rain. Tonight we got a little dusting that got the kids all excited, until they realized that it had stopped already and hadn't even completely covered the grass.

I don't remember being this excited about snow when I was growing up. But, then again, I grew up in Idaho, and there was a good chance of the first snow by the middle of October (my birthday!) most years. That was exciting, but soon after that there was snow that STAYED. Until March, it seemed. And we only had snow days when it was truly too deep to plow fast enough for school to happen. None of this snow day in anticipation of snow business.

Global warming? Perhaps.

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Jill said...

Come move up to MA with me! We got a foot in that storm! And despite the week of warm weather (including days almost 60!) There was still a lot of snow on the ground from the past 3? 4? storms we had. Of course, it's not like this every year....