Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tooth Fairy redux

We were supposed to bring "the box" for church this morning. For the children's sermon at church, the minister lets the kids bring in items (nothing alive!). They write clues, and he has to guess what the item is, then does a little sermonette relating that thing to God or Jesus or being Christian. He's very talented at both guessing and the sermon, so the kids love it. Every week, one child is picked for the next week.

William got the box last week, however there is no physical box to take home, we now have a beautiful wooden one that you're supposed to use once you're at church. However, without that visual clue, we are even worse at remembering to bring something than we were in the days when we used a shoebox. So none of us remembered until about 30 seconds before children's time. It suddenly hit me, but I also got the brainstorm to use William's missing tooth. So we say, "it wouldn't fit in the box", I come over and sit with them, and William gets to do his goofy grin for the congregation. I made up clues on the spot (with help from all three kids) and it was an ok save. If I'd had 5 more minutes I could have written out clues and everyone would have thought it was our plan from the start.

Next time I am SO writing it in the calendar.

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