Friday, January 11, 2008

The Problem with Blogging

Ok, the problem with having a blog is that I feel like I should post every day. And as someone who is already motivationally challenged (lazy?), sitting down at the computer is, or should be, a controlled substance. I can while away HOURS, even when none of my favorite blogs have posted lately. Just keep clicking on the links they like, and add those to your favorites list too!

So I'm procrastinating, because I should be cleaning. And doing laundry. And cooking - we're having some people over tomorrow. I've done a little of all those things, but I'm SO not done. And yesterday we didn't get much of anything done after school - JC had a band concert, and came home panicked because he was not supposed to wear sneakers to the concert. At the time he only owned one pair of shoes. Sneakers, of course. So we had our little panic attack, got the homework done for all three, and went out to Target to buy shoes. I was going to head to Payless, but that would have probably led to Burger King for dinner (blech!), and Target gave us the option of Pizza Hut in their cafe.

So from 5 pm until after 9, we were out of the house. The concert was very nice, the kids did a good job, but it was long. JC is now almost 2 full shoe sizes larger than his father, and now owns a pair of black shoes (semi-dressy), and a new pair of sneakers in addition to the falling-apart pair. Rachel found a pair of black slip-ons with a fancy white pattern on them (think Vans, not dressy) and William found a similar pair with skulls on them. "Awesome, Mom!" And he also HAD to have a pair of faux Crocs. 5 pairs of shoes for less than $70. Not so bad. But the house is still a mess.

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