Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday again

The weeks are flying by, I can't believe it's most of the way through January already.

I did manage to create something yesterday, I decorated a tin as a card holder for a friend's birthday present. It evolved over the day and ended up nothing like what I intended, but I put dark chocolate inside and of course forgot to take a picture. Hopefully she liked it!

Our weekend project(s) is a 3D model of a cell for JC's science class, due Tuesday as the kids are off Monday. Our other weekend project is a sleepover for 3 of JC's friends Sunday night. Two I know well, one I've met once. Should be interesting. Hopefully we can get the cell done before then or Monday afternoon will be miserable. We're starting with a clear disposable salad bowl (with lid) I'd been hanging on to. Now I know why being a pack rat is good! And yes, i know I'm saying "we" when I should be saying "JC", but let's be realistic here - even if I don't ever touch the project, it won't get done without much pushing from me.

Well, I've been to the gym three times a week since the beginning of January - now let's see if I can work at being in bed before 11:30 (11 would be better, but I'm being realistic, after all).

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Susan Z said...

I think the key to the bed thing is finding out what is really the amount of sleep your body needs and then figureing out when you need to be up in the morning and the working back from there. I really need 7.5 hours of sleep and since I usually like being up at 6 I therefore should go to bed at 10:30 (not 9 or 9:30 like some people I know). However even knowing that it doesn't happen much and of course right now my nights are seriously interrupted for other reasons.