Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Go Dog, Go!

We don't own a dog. We have two beloved, ridiculous cats, but no dog. However, I do love dogs, and I adore watching the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. It's the perfect time of year - usually cold, and a good time to snuggle upon the couch for a couple of nights.
I missed it last year, so this year I thought to look it up and set the DVR. This has allowed me to leisurely watch when I had time this week, although of course I couldn't avoid finding out the winner Wednesday morning. Perils of the New York media market.

I love hearing all the characteristics of each breed, and of course the dogs are completely adorable. But the winner this year? Holy cow, is that even a dog? Malachy the Pekingese looks more like a mobile dust bunny, or perhaps a sofa cushion. A totally cute dust bunny... are they SURE he's not a stuffed animal?

I mean, just for reference - he weighs less than either George or Sheba. Really.  But you know, the more I look at him?  The more I get the appeal.  How can you resist that little pink tongue?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just Makes You Smile

Really liked this blog post.  A very sweet commercial about making dreams come true...


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

George the Cat?

Jill pointed out in the comments to my last post that it was "only a cat-sized space to a cat."  True enough.  Even worse, George is our cat with the heart of a dog.  Or something.  He does cat-like things, but he does dog-like things, too.  Just the other day, JC and I were in the dining room, and JC commented on how both cats were lying on the table in the sun.  George decided to streeeetch - and promptly fell off the edge of the table.  What cat does that?

Now, I'll admit that a dog won't usually jump up in your cabinets.

 And hopefully, you don't get the "copy cat" effect from your dog - but this behavior is because he likes to follow me around and be in the same room.  The printer is right next to my computer chair.  What cat follows their owner from room to room?

 Ok, this is pretty cat-like.  Find an open container (box, bag, suitcase, notebook, newspaper) and make yourself comfortable on it.  Especially if you're in the way.

But this?  George does this ALL THE TIME.  In the middle of the floor.  I've never had cats that let it all hang out like this except in the hottest of weather.  George does this year-round, in the middle of the floor where you are most likely to trip over him.

That's not a cat.  That's a small dog with pointy ears.  (That doesn't bark)