Thursday, November 15, 2007


I'm deciding that a blog is like having a new toy, and now I want all the accessories. Just added a hit counter - didn't realize that I count on that, too, but I guess I could up my totals by visiting my blog often... Guess that doesn't count.

Trekked off to IKEA today in the pouring rain. IKEA is like drugs. You keep saying you're not going to do it anymore, it's not worth it, you should spend your money on better quality, and then you shop at a regular furniture store. Back you go, buying just one more piece of furniture (bookcase, today), and a whole load of other junk of course. And then, you get it all home and realize you have two of the same side of the bookcase and none of the other side. Suckered again. Gotta go BACK AGAIN.

Actually, I love IKEA, I love the styles, I just wish it was just a little nicer and you reliably got the right parts in the package. But maybe next trip I'll have time to have Swedish meatballs.

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