Saturday, November 17, 2007

Slow Start

You would think, having made it to the meals place by 9am (early, even), that I would come home and mantain that momentum. No, now I've been sitting at the computer, reading email, re-reading blogs I've already read because no-one has posted since 10pm last night, and generally putting off the "getting on with the day". John took Rachel to soccer, so he's freezing his tush off (estimated temp about 38, maybe) and I should probably go have a cup of coffee to get me moving.

The meals thing was nice - I was expecting maybe some "magic" trick to make things that freeze well, but it was just real food and real ingredients, you do have to thaw stuff before you cook it, but one cooks in the foil pan, one goes on the grill, and one gets put on a baking sheet (went for chicken, steak, and pork tenderloin). You pay a little extra, but you don't have to buy things like fresh herbs that you'll then not use the rest of. I'll probably try to do it again with friends.

Ok, getting moving. Mush, mush!


Jill said...

My friends did this take-and-bake meal thing together once, and I missed it. Now they're trying to organize doing it again (because they all thought it was great) in the next few weeks. I'm hoping to try it.

Ann in NJ said...

I'd recommend it - if nothing else, it's good for busy weeks when you haven't been to the store, and for trying new things without committing to lots of new ingredients in your kitchen.

Lisa C said...

Take and bake places have really gotten popular around here. Quite a few started in the last two years or so. The people I know who've tried them say the portions are big so you have leftovers and it's really handy to have the meals in the freezer, ready to go. I haven't tried them yet since I don't always like the food options (I'm a picky eater still).