Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Birthday Sucessful

We're having William's "real" birthday party on Sunday at a kid's play place. I know, expensive, but EASY. With 19 kids in his class, home was not an option. So last night, his actual birthday, we went out to dinner at his favorite restaurant (hibachi steak house!) with his best friend's family (the mom is one of my best friends and they love hibachi also), and then came home to homemade birthday cake (mom points there!) and the present.

He has been pining over the Playmobil Roman ship since early September when we saw it in a store. So when he started pulling the paper off, he didn't get very far before he realized what it was. His eyes got REALLY big, and he started yelling "Whoa!" and was so excited he had to run around the kitchen counter to give me a huge hug before he even finished unwrapping it. "Mom, you get 95 points for this!" He really did say that. I guess we talk about "points" more than I thought.

So even though he got only one present from us, since he'll get umpteen from his friends at the party, he never even noticed because he was over the moon. And now I have to tear him away from it to go to school. We're going to be late.

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Susan Z said...

Tell William Happy Birthday.
I have been so distracted lately that it didn't cross my mind that it was his birthday even though I knew when it was. We are looking forward to seeing everyone for the holidays.