Sunday, November 4, 2007

The New Normal

I have realized that this sense of running around like a nut is not going to go away. It's not all the time, mostly after the kids are home from school, and it's not that we're so overbooked that we're ridiculous, but I'm used to having (as Thoreau said) a "broad margin to my days." But with three children all wanting afterschool activities, there is not one day that does not have something, right now. Soccer will end soon, which will give us Mondays back, and Thursday nights are mostly adult choir, so that's John and I instead of the kids.

I am savoring the evenings when we are all home, and I don't feel a deadline to get dinner on before some activity. I keep thinking of the list of stuff to do around the house and realizing there's not going to be a "good" block of time to box up all the outgrown clothes and books. Or a "good" time to get the kids back into doing chores (we've been very lax lately). It's all got to fit in here and there in the time we've got.

It's the new normal, and I will get used to it, but at the moment it feels very strange.

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Susan Z said...

I always find the transition times the hardest to deal with...once I am either in summer schedule or in school schedule I am fine. It sounds like however, with 3 and constant changing activities (since especially sports are seasonal) that you are in constant transition.