Sunday, November 18, 2007

Birthday Blitz

Had William's "official" birthday party today. We went to one of those kid play places, where there's climbing tubes and this one has dress up and "pretend play" areas like a grocery store and a diner and a post office. They keep it very clean and it's well-run, but of course you pay through the nose. I admit to being conflicted about them, on the one hand, I love a simple, homemade birthday party at a house, without the elaborate goody bags, classic games, etc. On the other hand, I had to do NOTHING for this party. Ok, I addressed and mailed the invites - which they provided. They even had goody bags, for a fee of course, and they were cute little buckets with decent plastic figures (dinosaurs, farm animals, lizards, beads) inside, so nicer than junk I would buy at the party store.

Given that William wanted to invite all 18 of his classmates plus a couple of other friends, and that his birthday is in mid-November so no chance of doing it outside, I opted for the ease of spending money instead of time. But this is it, the last big party. Next year, 5 or 6 friends and some special activity, like a movie or something. We're done.

I am exhausted. Came home, opened presents, got the kids to bed and I've been a vegetable on the couch. Watched football for a bit but the Patriots are beating up the Bills, so channel surfing. Somewhere John came up with a new burst and he's building my IKEA bookcase for me.

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