Tuesday, February 19, 2008

That's Impressive

Sunday, the two older kids went down to our local gaming store to play Pirates and D&D. A friend of theirs also plays, and a week or two ago his mom had told me that she was making drawstring bags (from a pirate-themed fabric) for all the kids as Valentine's gifts, and she was making one for William too. William came with me at pick-up time, and Adam gave him his present, which he thought was pretty cool. We ran into the mom in the parking lot, and William said thank-you. The mom said, "did you know that I made that bag for you?" William replied, "You made it? That's impressive!"

It was perfect. Not only was he happy with the gift, he was truly impressed that she had made it, and she knew it. Made her day.

And I thought, wow, he's got an impressive vocabulary.

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