Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Here, Kitty Kitty

Rachel wants a kitten. Since Jenny died, all three kids will occasionally bring up the idea of getting another cat, and my stock reply was "we'll think about it after Christmas." Which occasionally morphed into "we'll do that after Christmas". Kids pick up on details like that, somehow. So when Rachel asked for a kitten for her birthday, I told her we had to wait until after our Super Bowl party for the youth group (as that seemed unfair to a new animal). Well, the time has come, apparently. Mom and Dad have to put up or do serious damage control.

John and I are kind of neutral on another cat - it is awfully convenient to not have a pet at the moment. But that's not why you adopt a pet, now is it? If we were only into convenience, we wouldn't have children, either. And I do believe that a pet does help teach responsibility and compassion, in addition to providing warm cuddlies.

So I think we will be adding to our family this weekend. I'm open to two cats (and the website for our local shelter shows a pair of 6mo. kittens, very cute) but we will see. I'm hoping Rachel isn't disappointed if "her" cat becomes "Mom's" cat, since that often happens. But that's part of the educational value of a pet, right?


Jill said...

You want mine??

(Just kidding, I wouldn't wish an old grouchy cat with a sensitive stomach on anyone.)

Lisa C said...

2 kittens? They sound adorable. I keep trying to talk John into another dog, he just rolls his eyes at me. (grin) Post pictures on the kitten(s) or cat(s) that you do end up getting! There are definitely a lot of benefits, and a few drawbacks to a pet.