Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kitty Heaven

Well, we are still enthralled by the new kittens. They are both playful and cuddly, and not particularly skittish around the kids, so I would call them perfect! They both seem to like hanging out where we are, and will come up and circle your ankles asking for a scratch behind the ears. They'll tolerate being picked up, sometimes enthusiastically and sometimes only for a moment. They don't even mind being moved from lap to lap when they're sleepy and both have nice loud purrs.

And they play - George's favorite is the little fur mouse, which he will pick up in his mouth and walk around with. Sheba will chase anything that moves, and they take turns being the more aggressive and the more affectionate one.

I'll try not to post too many more kitty posts (unless we get good pictures) but it has been so long since we've had an interactive cat that I'm really enjoying this.

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