Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bacon Bacon Bacon

We always joke that we give up NOT eating bacon for Lent. Our church has a tradition of Lenten Breakfasts - really a brunch after church that the men's group prepares. It's always good hearty breakfast food like pancakes or french toast - and always bacon. I rarely prepare bacon any other time of year, except when camping, so Lent is our time to eat bacon. Rachel doesn't eat it, the boys love it.

I read this post on a blog I've been following called "The Junk Drawer". She's really funny, and it was funny that it coincided pretty closely with the beginning of our Lenten bacon-fest.

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Jill said...

Oh my! That blog was funny, but even more funny was the Jim Gaffigan clip she put in there. Not only did I laugh so hard, I cried... but I actually had trouble breathing. "How many bacon jokes is this guy gonna make??"
Thanks for the laugh!