Tuesday, February 19, 2008



George and the kitty teaser

Sheba (L) and George (R) in my craft room



George has come to join me while I type. He likes to sit right in front of the screen and watch the mouse or the cursor move. The other day, he was fascinated - JC was working on a paper for school, and George sat on the keyboard. Watching the string of letters go across the screen had him mesmerized...


Anonymous said...

Thee is nothing quite as wonderful as kittens! Having had three kittens at one time I can understand your sheer enjoyment. Even at the most difficult of times (vacations away or extended day trips) they are truly easier to manage than say....... 2 dogs !!
Can't wait to meet them!

Jill said...

awwwww, kittins are fun! From the pics I'd say they're identical -- how do you tell them apart??

Lisa C said...

They are adorable! I was just catching up to see if you'd gotten them. Makes me wish I could have a kitten again, but I've always wanted a puppy for the same reason. Glad to hear they are adjusting so well and are so entertaining!