Sunday, February 3, 2008

18 - 1

The Giants have won the SuperBowl. The Giants have won the SuperBowl. The Giants have won the SuperBowl.

I hardly dared to hope - I mean, they started out loosing the first two games of the season BADLY, and didn't look a whole lot better after that. And the Patriots did not loose a single game this season. Until now.

I'm in shock. I didn't grow up as a football fan, in fact, the only time I remember football being on when I was a kid when when my grandfather was visiting. But, you know, as you grow you learn to appreciate new things.
You know, even though they call themselves the New York Giants, they play in New Jersey. My state. My team. Go Giants!


Jill said...

Ugh! Oh the pain -- hearts are broken all over New England! Oh, what did them in? Was it Belichick's red hoodie? (He always wears grey.) Or was it that Boston planned the victory parade -- before the game!! Or, could it be... the Giants' trainers brought out bananas to fight cramping from the humidity. Could that have been the thing that helped the Giants outplay the Patriots?? Could be! Perhaps the banana industry should use the opportunity for an ad campaine!

Jill said...

And YES, Ann (I told you this privately in an email, but now I'm willing to go public with it) the Giants played better than the Pats all around. The Giants D shut down Brady, for the most part, and Eli, well he came through under the pressure of "The Big Game" adn one last chance to score, and that's not easy for any quarterback.