Saturday, February 9, 2008

Keep Your Paws Crossed

We went to the shelter today to look for a cat (or two). It was a little crowded, being Saturday and they were having an adoption event. They had a good number of cats, including a brother/sister pair of 6 mo old kittens, brown tabbies. I kind of steered the kids to those two, although there were a number of cats that probably would have been just fine. But these two were quite playful, and will hopefully be affectionate.

So we filled out our adoption application, and if the vet doesn't rat me out that I wasn't really keeping up with Jenny's shots, we should be ok. They are closed Monday, so we won't know until Tuesday, best case.

The current debate, assuming they accept us, is what to name them. They are almost identical, and currently are named "Tiger" and "Winkie". John is favoring "Catstor and Pawlux", JC likes "Artemis and Apollo", Rachel likes "Abercrombie (Abby) and Filch" or possibly "Ron and Ginny". I think we need to keep brainstorming. Although I like Abby and Filch, too.

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