Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Where does the time go?

Holy guacamole, it's already Wednesday. I have been to the surgeon's office to have my incision looked at (healing, but I was keeping it too moist by covering it, so not yet healed), to the dentist to have my 6 mo cleaning, the grocery store, Christmas shopping, .....

This week is all the things I normally would have spread over two weeks, but didn't because I thought I would be recovering. So today is Rachel's chorus concert at school, an orthodontist appointment for JC, and dress rehearsal for the youth group play. Tomorrow I have the all-important appointment with my rheumatologist, at which I will learn if I have fairly common and treatable rheumatoid arthritis or if I have to add on a much more serious disease, vasculitis. And all the drugs and side effects that go with that. Trying not to be paranoid. And then Friday I have another dentist appointment, to start getting the crown that goes with the root canal. Does that make me the queen?

And I have guests coming, starting next Wednesday. Can't decide if I'm excited or panic-stricken (mostly excited). Don't know HOW we're going to get cleaned up enough for two 2-yr olds and a baby, but we'll make it work! Somehow! Can't wait!

Alright, enough time wasted on the computer. There's bathrooms to clean, presents to sort and wrap (that sounds like much more fun, maybe I'll do that).


Susan Z said...

Well at least the baby is mostly nonmobile (though she did try to eat random tape she found on the floor yesterday). We don't come until the night of the 21st so that gives you a little bit of time (\grin), and the two year olds are curious but do resonably well staying out of stuff.

Jill said...

Yes, that does make you the queen. I'm not sure of what you are the queen, though.... All that running around to doctors and shuttling kids and what all, you deserve to be the queen of something!