Saturday, December 29, 2007

It Feels Kind of Empty...

Everyone is gone now. Mom is home and my sister and her family are on the road back home. While a part of me says, "Ah, quiet!," it was wonderful having them here and I miss them already. My sister's children are just beautiful and I SO enjoyed all of them.

Favorite moments:
-Making Jo the baby laugh (wish I could bottle baby giggles!)
-Andy on my shoulders at the model train exhibit - every time he was ready to move on, he'd lean down so he could see my face and say "Let's keep going."
-Doug being silly silly, singing and dancing.
-JC realizing we really did get him a PlayStation 3. The wonderment appeared to last most of the day.
-Rachel figuring out her toe socks.
-William never did quite figure out the Chinese finger traps.
-Jim telling my kids something outrageous, and they believed him, every time, at least for a moment.
-Sue wanting to play Lego Star Wars, instead of putting her boys to bed.
-Mom feeding the baby, every chance she got.
-John truly surprising me with his present.

So I've cleaned the gubby fingerprints off the glass coffee table, taken down the high chair, and shrunk the dining room table down to normal size. Floors need vacuuming and mopping, and there's sheets and towels to wash, but all so worth it. Wish I hadn't been sick, and that I hadn't shared that with just about everyone, but there wasn't much to be done about that. Can't wait to see them again.

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Susan Z said...

We had a fabulous time and miss you already! Andy keeps talking about "his people"