Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Loot

I'm always torn at Christmas time. I LOVE buying things for my kids. I've always loved shopping, and to shop for people I love and buy them things I think they'll like is always fun.

BUT, then we have the "stuff" issue. As in, am I spoiling the kids with too much stuff? If they have too much stuff, will it become less important that it's something they like or will having more become the whole point?

There's a great children's book called "Crispin, the Pig Who Had it All" by Ted Dewan. Crispin, of course, is a young pig in a wealthy family who always gets the latest toy for Christmas and has broken it by New Year's. So Santa gives him an empty box, which leads to him discovering that the best gift is friends (didya see that coming?). I try to make sure we read it, especially around this time of year.

And, yet, I still want to make their dreams come true. Hmmm...

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Jill said...

I hear you! We've got piles of stuff to give the kids, and yet, I find myself saying, "don't they need ____ and ____?" when they don't really "need" anything! We don't know what to do with the toys we have! (At least this year most of the stuff we've gotten is small, so the storage problem won't be so bad.)
And then Grammy brings her loot! She's worse than we are!!