Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Geriatric Cat, part two

Jenny is at the vet again. We realized over the weekend that she had basically stopped eating, and moving, and everything else. I brought her in today and they heard fluid around her lungs and realized she was having trouble breathing, so they kept her for x-rays and gave her a diuretic to hopefully clear out some of the fluid.

It's not good news. The diuretic didn't work, which means it's not a heart problem or something like that, and the x-rays showed more fluid on one side than the other. Apparently, this probably indicates a malignancy. She's also very bony around the hips which the vet said means her muscles are wasting away, also probably a sign that her liver is not functioning properly.

So we are waiting until morning for the other vet to take a look at the x-rays, and they may send them to a radiologist for another opinion. But to really confirm a malignancy would require more invasive tests, and then what would we do about it anyway? We will probably have a decision to make tomorrow or the next few days. We did tell the kids this evening, they are very upset, but that is part of owning a pet, unfortunately.

This is the hard part about being the grown-up.


Susan Z said...

Oh my. I have not looked forward to having to make any of those decisions.

Ann in NJ said...

I will admit I was sort of hoping she would have a heart attack and I wouldn't have to make a decision - or that it would be obvious.

It's never that easy.