Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ghost Cat

I haven't yet cleaned up and put away the cat paraphanalia - the litter box is still in the bathroom, the food bowls and cat bed are in the back hallway. I think I will work on that tomorrow, it was still too painful today.

However, this evening, I went into the bathroom where the litter box is, and the box had clearly been used. We use the clumping litter, it turns dark when wet, and this had been used. I know that box was clean before I took Jenny to the vet for the last time, I've been staring at it every time I use that bathroom.

"William, did you pee in the litter box?"
no response
"William, did you pee in the litter box?"
"Yes" (almost inaudible)
"William, you do NOT pee in the litter box. Do you understand?"
"But Mom, I didn't sit down!"

We proceeded to have a stern discussion that humans do not use litter boxes and I went back into the bathroom. And promptly cracked up. It was SO hard to keep a straight face while I was talking to him. And notice, I went straight to William, there was no question about who was the guilty party.

This is the same child who built a construction in the back yard out of branches, snow shovels, and rope, then declared it a bathroom for "Rogue Squadron" (his group of boys at school, I'll post that another time). John was the one who asked, "William, have you used that bathroom?" "Just to pee, Dad, I didn't poop in it." Um, that's good, I guess.

Boys and pee. I don't think I'll ever understand.


Jill said...

lol! Well, at least William got you to laugh during a tough time! Maybe he was thinking, "Mom could usea laugh," when he did it. Or maybe he's been doing it for a while and you never realized.... Oh, let's hope not! ;-)

Susan Z said...

If one of mine can be obsessed with making beds everywhere I suppose you can have one that makes bathrooms....though I think I'll keep my boy....