Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Our school district has a "Festival of the Arts" in March/April of every year. There's a band concert, featuring two invitation-only 5th grade bands, both 6th grade bands (two 5th/6th schools in the district), 7th and 8th grade bands from the middle school, and all 4 high school bands. On a different night, there's an orchestra concert with a similar format. There's a chorus concert night, again with choruses (chorusi?) from the 5th grade up, and an art show with pieces from all the schools in the district, selected by the art teachers at each of the schools. All these things are on different nights over a two week period.

We were joking the other day about the festival. Rachel got asked to be in the 5th grade orchestra, JC of course is in 8th grade band, and Rachel also got asked to be in the 5th grade chorus. So we were laughting about being at every event except the art show.

You guessed it. We got a certificate home today, congratulating us on William's artwork which will be at the art show.

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Anonymous said...

Your family is very busy. I'm happy William's artwork will be featured. Feels great for a child to have that sort of positive attention paid to his work. Now everyone is covered ~Mary