Monday, March 2, 2009

There's Snow Business Like Snow Business...

Yes, we had a snow day again today. I think that's actually only three for the year so far. It was a bit of a tough call on this one. If we had gotten the predicted amounts and timing, it would have been absolutely the right thing. As it was, we didn't get as much, and it had mostly stopped snowing by late morning, so we might have done ok with a delayed opening.

Ah well. The school district actually called it the night before - have I mentioned how much I like the new automated calling system the district is using this year? Previously, I would have to turn on a computer and check a website, or listen to the radio, or turn on the tv at 6 am to find out about closings/delays. Now, at 5:30am, the phone rings and the computer voice tells me the situation. I stumble across the hall and tell JC, turn off Rachel's alarm, and can go back to sleep almost immediately. Last night, they actually called about 10:30pm, and we really truly got to sleep in.

So all three kids had a dentist appointment scheduled, which we were able to reschedule earlier to get it over with. And then we went out to lunch at our favorite Mexican place, which is WAY too crowded to go most weeknights (not to mention about 30 minutes away), and fagheddaboutit on weekend evenings. I usually go for lunch on weekdays, but that means the kids and John can't go. John was working from home and on the phone, but the rest of us OD'd on chips and salsa. Dinner ended up being clean out the fridge night, and all I ate was cereal and yogurt.

Did I accompish anything on this free day? No. Unless you count doing the dishes.

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Momo Fali said...

I totally count doing the dishes!

We've had so many calamity days (four due to a wind storm in September that took out power for a week and a few for snow) that we're starting to have to make them up. We have our second make-up day in a couple of weeks, when we were supposed to be having a three days weekend.