Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Heat Wave

It is 60 deg. F outside. Maybe even a little more than that.

We so needed this break from the cold. Yes, I know there are many people who are enduring colder weather than we did, but hey, if you're in Toronto or Minnesota, you should know what you're in for. Most of the snow has melted, but there's still ice along the sides of the road. Tonight it's supposed to rain, which should wash the last of the snow and ice and salt away.

Just in time for this weekend, when they're predicting 40's and "wintery mix". Goody.

This morning, William wore his sweatshirt instead of a coat. He then proceeded to tell everyone at the bus stop (loudly, of course), that they didn't need to be wearing their winter coats. "It's warm! I just have a sweatshirt on!"

Enjoy it while you can, kid. I don't think winter's over yet.


hokgardner said...

So would it be bragging to say that last weekend the kids played in the sprinkler in the back yard?

Of course, in the summer, when we're hitting 100 degrees for weeks on end, you can brag.

Anonymous said...

I saw someone in shorts todaym,& a sweatshirt. He had goosebumps all over his pale chicken legs, but you could tell he thought he was in the middle of a heat wave. Sometimes taking a little shelter in fantasy can be fun. ~Mary