Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dogs Dogs Dogs

Is that like Van Halen's "Girls Girls Girls"?

We watched the Westminster Dog Show last night. For those not in the know, this is the MOST PRESTIGIOUS dog show in the country (if not the world), if they do say so themselves.

For the rest of us? A chance to watch an amazing variety of furry fluffy barky dogs, and find out a little bit about the breeds. And some of them are amazingly furry and fluffy, and groomed within an inch of their lives. And some are clearly groomed but much more natural looking, and oh so everlasting cute. And invariably I find myself thinking, "you know, we could get a dog," which is emphasized by all three children bringing up the subject as well.

But we're not getting a dog. We have no fence (biggest issue) and most of our family lives thousands of miles away, so when we travel to see them a couple of times a year, we'd have to do something with the dog. Cats, I can have a neighbor's child come in once a day and they're fine. Can't do that to a dog. Yes, I know there are kennels and walkers and such, but still, it's much harder.

But I love watching the dogs. They're on again tonight, 8pm est on USA. Tune in and see the tongues wag!


Lisa C said...

You are welcome to visit ours anytime you want! Kisses are free and there's a VERY long tongue giving them. Grin

Yes, dogs can make it hard to travel though as we well know...

Susan Z said...

We fall in the same boat....I do see a dog in my future but not until grad school is over. Josie just adores dogs and Doug is not far behind. Andy is at best slightly amused by them and most of the time uninterested.