Sunday, February 8, 2009

Random Sunday Night Thoughts

We had beautiful weather this weekend. It hit 60 F today. 60! In February! We opened all the windows. We closed them again about an hour later, because, after all, it was 60 outside, and while that's relatively warm, it's not really warm.

We finally put the cover on our trailer. It's in storage, but still outside, and the day we took it over there (in November), it was dark by the time we got it parked. So we kept saying we would go back and put the cover on. But every time we thought about it, it was raining, had just rained, was snowing, or still had snow on it. But today was the perfect opportunity, and now it can be protected. At least until we take it off again in a couple of months.

I cast on a sweater. A top-down v-neck from Knitting Pure and Simple. I went to the yarn store, thinking I would buy a new yarn for the pattern I had (a cardigan, same company), because I'd decided I didn't want that pattern in the yarn I had bought for it. Found a LOVELY wine-colored alpaca/silk blend. Just the right weight. Way way WAY too expensive. Bought a $5 pattern for the yarn I already have. I've done about 8 rows so far. This may take a while.

I've been a complete schmuck. Adam's mom called and left a message on Friday. I haven't called her all week, and I haven't called her back yet. No reason, just haven't. I feel bad, which makes me not want to call her back because I don't have a good reason, so that makes it worse. I have to call her tomorrow morning. As soon as Rachel's on the bus.

Actually made some progress cleaning up the kitchen and the craft room this weekend. If I applied myself, I could be done with the craft room in two hours or less. But there are things I am putting off deciding about, so it's easy to get distracted.

Speaking of getting distracted, I've now been distracted from finishing this post. Time to wrap it up. On to a new week.

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Momo Fali said...

It is on to a new week, but I can't seem to find my motivation to get it started!