Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

I've been knitting, and filling in at the school library, and running around with errands. Oh, and maybe a few Christmas presents here and there.

Anyone got party activity ideas for 7-yr old boys? William's birthday party is Saturday, and I'm feeling a little under-planned. We're going for a loose "7" theme (he wants a 7-shaped cake), so anywhere I can work in a "7" is good. We invited 7 friends, although only 3 have RSVP'd so far. They're not going to be picky, but they are going to be active for 2 hours (!!!). And of course there is rain predicted for Saturday. WHY did I have my children in the winter??!!?

The good news? I don't feel like my house has to be perfectly clean. The bad news? I think all breakables should be securely locked away...

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Jill in MA said...

For party activities, I always have some kind of art project for the kids to do while they're waiting for other kids to arrive or if there's another activity they're not interested in. Something not too messy and that doesn't require help from an adult is best, even if it's just coloring pages. (I found color-your-own dinosaur placemats for Owen's party this year and had them decorate their own gift bags.) Our scavenger hunts (aka safari at Sierra's party) were also really fun. Could be hard inside the house, but if you don't mind the kids looking all over your house you could hide seven of something (or seven each of a bunch of things) for them to find. Create some kind of checklist so they can keep track.