Friday, December 19, 2008

Renewing My Faith

Sometimes it's the little things that keep you going.

I took the kids to the mall this evening, to shop for each other and their father. We were pretty successful, it wasn't insanely crowded (just crowded), they behaved themselves pretty well.

And two miracles occured.

JC put down the bag with the video game he bought for his sister (first miracle!) and left it at the game store. When he realized 20 minutes later, he ran back to the store and it was exactly where he left it (second miracle).

I figured it was a goner. Especially since he wasn't sure at first which store it might be in, and it wasn't in the last place we'd been (although there he'd put down another bag he was carrying for me, but they had it at the counter). And to leave it at the game store automatically means it was of interest to the other clients. I think we lucked out because no-one had noticed it.

But he was devastated at first - he'd spent his own money and traded in two older games to buy this one for his sister. And he was so excited, he had taken her back to the store to play the demo version of the game, and I was waiting for him to just explode and tell her what he bought.

So we are thankful to God this evening for the small mercy of not crushing JC's spirit, simply by inspiring him to put down the bag in an unobtrusive spot. I'll take my miracles where I can get them.

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