Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm Not Ready

The kids had their last day of school today. I kept thinking they got out TOMORROW, even though I really knew better. So now they are home, and I'm just not ready.

I have piles of wrapping to do (so why am I blogging instead?).

I still have a box to ship to my brother.

I have 7 people coming for Christmas Dinner.

The house is filthy.

I still haven't called the dermatologist about Rachel's rash that won't go away.

I would really like to have a bigger variety of Christmas cookies for dessert (someone keeps eating them...).

One of the families has yet to RSVP, and I already bought a huge expensive roast, so we will be living on beef for a week if they don't come.

I haven't even gotten all of the Christmas decorations out.

I have to make a new star for the church Christmas Eve pageant - tomorrow.

And I feel lousy and tired, so nothing is getting done.

On the positive side, tomorrow is another day. I baked the other half of the batch of cookies I made yesterday for a cookie exchange. I cleaned up most of the counters in the kitchen and got all the hand dishes washed. JC's friend Adam is here for a sleepover, and he and JC and Rachel have been occupied all evening playing a very complicated long game. William was feeling a little left out, but we sat on my bed and read about 6 Christmas books, which was very pleasant. And now he's asleep, and I'm debating - do I stay up and wrap, or do I just go to bed? The older kids show no sign of winding down yet, but since there's no school, I may just let them stay up.

They're playing the Order of The Stick Board Game, which is based on a web comic we read. It appears to be highly complicated and hilariously funny, and they've been having a great time all evening.

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