Sunday, November 2, 2008


Can't believe it's been and gone already! William's costume got finished in the nick of time. We carved pumpkins Thursday afternoon to minimize rot/animal damage. I didn't take pictures that day - wish I had.

We came out the next morning to this. Pumpkin carnage! This was all that was left of Rachel's. It was cute, too. Long triangle eyes, little triangle nose, and big round mouth, so it looked like it was screaming.

William's did a little better. You can still see one eye, and the mouth was big and round, but with little vampire fangs. It looked like it was opening its mouth wide to bite! John propped it back up and put the lights back inside, so we at least had something. I contemplated going out for more pumpkins Halloween afternoon, but that seemed more than a little silly. Just more deer food.

The kids in their costumes.

Yes, William is a pile of leaves. It was his idea, but as soon as he said it, I knew how to make the costume. We started with a ghost costume from a couple of years ago - just a white poncho. I dyed it brown, and attached the leaves with a tagger (like they put price tags on with) I borrowed from a friend. It looked great (could have used a few more leaves in front), and everyone thought it was wonderful.

Rachel is a sorceress. I kept suggesting accessories and enhancements, and she did finally find a book to carry around as a spellbook. We're going to work harder at it next year.

JC went for the easy way out. His best friend lives in a condo complex, so the boys put on their roller blades and skated around for trick-or-treating. They covered a LOT of ground and came home with a ton of candy.


Jill in MA said...

Bummer about the pumpkins. Cute costumes. Love the leaves! Kudos to JC for figuring out a way to get lots of candy with minimal effort.

Susan Z said...

I love the pile of leaves costume. I probably carved our pumpkins a bit early. By the time I came back from my conference they were definitely ready to throw away. Jim said they were hanging in there on Halloween, but that they were definitely spookier then when I originally carved them. Doug also announced that he next wants a sad pumpkin.