Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lucky Seven, part 2

There was much excitement on William's birthday. This was the big present from us - it's a Playmobil Pirate ship. They've been having huge naval battles with the Romans. Somehow the pirates usually win and loot the Roman soldiers. This kid doesn't have an older brother or something, does he?

Yes, the cake is homemade. I did use a cake mix, but doctored it up with cocoa and buttermilk. Very rich, not overly sweet. And homemade frosting, of course. I was trying not to make too much extra, so we did chocolate sprinkles on the sides rather than any fancy icing tricks.

There was a little too much silliness when blowing out candles, so he didn't get them all out on the first try.

And John took very nice pictures of all three kids, so you get a bonus! JC, with not too much teenage attitude.




Jill in MA said...

I think your cake is beautiful. Sometimes simple is best. I love the sprinkles on the sides. (Owen would, too.)

The pictures are great. JC is the spittin' image of John. Rachel is gorgeous. William is just cute as can be!

Susan Z said...

Hey I want a piece of cake! Makes me want to go make a cake (which Andy has been wanting to make chocolate cake...). I also love the pictures of the kids.