Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So Cold...

You would think, since I grew up in Idaho, that I would be immune to the wimpy temperatures that make the rest of the East Coast shiver. I guess I haven't lived in Idaho for, say, 20 years or so? I'm cold.

We barely cracked 40 today, and there was a wicked wind. And I've been freezing most of the day, even while wearing a heavy sweater (with a long sleeve shirt under!). Actually, it's mostly my hands are freezing. Anything where I have to sit still, such as, say, the computer, and my hands are like ice. I got smart this morning and put on wool socks, so the feet aren't too bad.

Much as I actually like winter (really!), I do get tired of feeling cold all the time. I try to be "green" and keep the thermostat at 68, and then I'm freezing all day. And oddly enough, I get really warm during the night and would prefer it chilly then. Somehow, the other members of the family start complaining if I turn it too low at night. But in the morning, the programmable thermostats are wonderful, because it's warm(ish) when I get up.

Guess I'm getting old and cranky.

Oh, and we are still under a boil advisory. And to those who commented that their towns have an update system, I subscribe to the county health updates. I didn't get a notice about the boil order until noon today. And I subscribe to the email-blasts from the school system - the only people who got a notice were on the high school list because that school had low pressure. Seems like the school system could have put out a courtesy notice for the safety of their students, or that the county health office could have been a little more on the ball. Most or all of the TV and radio stations in this area are New York or Philadelphia - we have almost no local news. It's just very frustrating.


Susan Z said...

It really is the humidity that makes a difference. I am convinced because I am in a similar situation here. We actually have been having freeze warnings and all.

Jill in MA said...

I was cold today wearing my big honkin' down parka! I don't think it went above freezing here today, and it was windy! It doesn't help that it's so sudden and I'm just not used to it!
(I like it cold when I'm in bed, too... just not when I have to get out of bed for any reason -- like morning or comfort a child screaming "mommy" repeatedly".)