Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lucky Seven

William is 7 today. My baby is 7 years old! Where did the time go, and I can't possibly be old enough for that to be true, can I?

If I can catch him long enough to take a picture today, I'll post it later. He's in a very goofy 7-yr old phase of missing teeth, and loose ones that look crooked, and desperately needs a haircut, so he's pretty cute/funky right now.

He was a little grumpy that he had to go to school on his birthday ("I can't believe my birthday is on a SCHOOL day!"), but he's very excited to tell his teacher. Probably so many times that she'll have to tell him to stop.

And now I'm off to go make a devil's food cake with chocolate frosting. Betcha can't guess HIS favorite flavor! And we're going to the hibachi steak house tonight - my kid's favorite special occasion restaurant. Dinner AND a show AND fire! What more could you want?


Jill in MA said...

Happy birthday, William! Your youngest and my oldest are now starting to get close enough together in age that if we ever get together, they might actually play together!

Susan Z said...

Happy birthday William! I hope he has a great day (even if it is a school day).

Lisa C said...

Happy slightly late birthday do William! Dinner and fire and a show sound great to me. Hope everyone had a good day and go chocolate cake and chocolate frosting.