Monday, April 7, 2008

Itty Bitty Kitty Brains

George is not the brightest bulb in the bunch, I'm afraid. It may just be that he's still a kitten (6 months), but last night was not impressive.

He's developed a habit of following me around the house, especially into the bathroom. From his point of view, I'm a captive audience who will sit and scratch his head, and anything else I'm doing is irrelevant. So last night he joined me in the master bathroom. It's important to notice that there is only one recessed light in there, so shadows are quite distinct. George noticed that there was a shadow on the floor that was moving - his tail. So, being a kitty, he chased it. Around and around. And around. And around. Quite clearly, it was the shadow, not his tail. He would stop for a moment, then notice it again. Both directions, but it didn't help. This went on for quite some time (even after I left the bathroom), and when I was brushing my teeth he finally came out. With a distinct stagger and a lean, and he clearly had to sit down for a few minutes to stop the spinning.

I have NEVER before seen a cat make himself dizzy. Perhaps he's secretly blonde?


ooolia said...

too funny. I needed that laugh.

Susan Z said...

I have a cat kind of like that...he has run into the door frame and almost knocked himself out, singed his whiskers, fallen in the toilet, fallen in the bathwater, etc.