Friday, April 11, 2008


I am now committed that I will go to the Allentown Stamping convention tomorrow. The kids agreed to be bribed to come along, and JC actually got an advance on his that he is spending at the gaming store this evening. And I called my friend who wanted to come along and said, "we're going."

I've been on the fence for days - JC's first roller hockey game is Saturday. The time was originally posted for 1pm, which really meant we couldn't go, and then got changed to 4:15pm. I'm still hoping for a rain-out, but we can stay 'till 2pm, which gives us 4 hours at the show. That will probably be more than enough for the kids, anyway.

So we're going, and I'm hoping the kids can keep it together, and I'm looking for inspiration! Wish us luck!

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Jill in MA said...

Good luck! Try to have fun!!