Monday, April 21, 2008

The final countdown

Well, my consignment sale (the one I'm running) is this coming weekend, and I think things are coming together. I got the signs out today, although I had to take down the ones for the other consignment sale and take them back to that church. I wouldn't have minded except I worry that people won't really notice that it's a different sign and may tune it out. I've given fliers to a couple of reliable people, so hopefully most of the major grocery stores in the area are posted. We made the community news section of one paper last weekend, and have placed our ad for next weekend.

I always worry that we won't get enough customers - and often we don't. We have only broken $2000(net) for the sale once in many years of doing it, and it makes you wonder if its worth the effort. But I have to remind myself that it is also a ministry to low-income people in the area, and that's a good thing. It's not just about the money.

That said, I ended up taking an hour nap this afternoon because I was just exhausted. With John gone for 10 days, I always end up going to bed later than I plan. And while I didn't have to get up and work the other sale at 7:30am like I usually do, I did bagging and cleanup which is very physical, and had me on my feet for over 3 hours. And then Sunday I took fliers (and some junk) to the local free-4-all and ended up being on my feet for another 2 hours. And then I was up late on Sunday night finishing my last sign. This morning was not pleasant, but the nap helped.

FYI, a free-4-all is an event sponsored by a freecycle group. Freecycle is an online organization that encourages people to give away unwanted items instead of throwing them in the garbage. Usually, you post what you have to give away, and people reply with requests. The free-4-all is a "live" version - you bring your stuff, and let people take what they want. I filled the back of my car, and came home with one small bin. And I only picked up 3 things from other people. Pretty cool!

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