Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Finally, A Miss!

You Are Yogurt

Modern and streamlined, you prefer a breakfast that's quick and healthy.

You live a fast paced life, and you get breakfast only when you're lucky.

And while you are strapped for time, you are still a hardcore foodie.

You often eat the best that your money can buy. You figure you're worth it.

So, my sister and I have been sort of taking turns posting these quiz things on our blogs, when I find one, she does it, then she finds a new one, and I do it, etc. And it's been a little wierd sometimes that they often seem to hit the mark pretty well. But this one, well, there's no way I'm yogurt for breakfast.
1. I ALWAYS eat breakfast. And while I try, "healthy" is not always my preference.
2. I like food, but I'm not a foodie in the "snob" sense this implies.
3. "the best that money can buy?" Hardly, if it's on sale, that's a good thing.
4. "Modern and streamlined"? I wish!
5. I really don't even LIKE yogurt very much. If I buy it, 80% of the time it goes bad in the fridge.

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Susan Z said...

I was surprised I am a must be a danish without fruit because I really would rather not eat those...I am much more a donut and french toast person.

security word: cgrocer!