Thursday, March 25, 2010

Suzy Homemaker

I am not terribley domestic.  Oh, I can cook ok, and bake pretty well (especially cookies) and I know HOW to clean house even if I usually don't choose to, but I don't think of myself as a "homemaker".

But I had a moment yesterday.  Rachel had an orchestra concert last night, and even though the concert started at 8pm, she had to be there at 6:45.  Ugh.  She doesn't even get off the bus until 4.  And of course, she told me a few days ago that her black pants didn't really fit, but it's ok Mom, I can wear my dance pants.  Which are a little on the short side.  I didn't manage to do anything about this until yesterday (it's been a busy week with a consignment sale I participated in, and one I'm organizing).  I picked up two pairs of pants for her from Old Navy.  Girls 16 black jeans (all they had in black) and Women's size 0 (!!!) black pants.  Hopefully one would fit.

Rachel resisted my pleas to try on the pants until after 5.  She came down and said the women's pants fit but were too long - so at 5:30, I eyeballed the right length, ironed the hems, and started sewing.  I finished the hems, got her dinner heated up (rotissere chicken, I'm no fool on a busy night!), and even had time to finish my own before we left the house at 6:30.  And the pants are exactly the right length.

Hah!  Now THAT'S a sense of accomplishment.  Mom, you should be proud.

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