Sunday, March 28, 2010

An Interesting Weekend...

I usually don't expect two major events within 24 hours - heck, I usually don't expect even one.  But it's been an interesting weekend...

Saturday began with such promise.  We went out for breakfast, which we NEVER do when we're home.  And we went to see a movie as a family in the afternoon (How to Train Your Dragon, which I highly recommend (but not for little kids, it's kinda scary)), which is also a rare occurence.  And we went for dinner as well, at Bertucci's, which is a bit of a drive and a special treat.  Appetizer AND dessert, which we never get.
Well, we paid for it later.  Rachel woke me up about 12:30am, saying, "Mom, I threw up."  I of course asked, "Do I need to clean up anything?"
"Yeah, in the bathroom."

Ok, at least it wasn't in her bedroom - that remains the saving grace.  I flipped on the closet light, grabbed the roll of paper towels, went down the hall... and realized a roll of paper towels just wasn't going to cut it.  She didn't make it to the toilet, and well, let's just say, I needed a mop and by the time I was done, I scrubbed the kids bathtub and cleaned the sink because I might as well finish the job.  It was gross enough that I actually told John to go back to bed because there was really no way for him to help clean it up (hey, I was really groggy at that point).

She seems to be feeling better (knock on wood), and I'm hopeful it was just the wierd food pattern and rich food (no lunch, lots of movie popcorn, and eating out for breakfast and dinner (including gigantic chocolate cake)).

So then this afternoon, I was waiting for John to finish something so we could go out and run errands (hey, I take time with my husband whenever I can these days).  Pushed the "on" button since I'd actually turned off the computer for once.  Nothing happened.  Nothing at all.

You know that feeling when you can't quite believe what's happening?  Like panic, but quieter and usually starts out smaller?  But grows?

I'm running a consignment sale for my church.  My database of all the consignor contact information is on my computer.  Do YOU think I made a backup?

So perhaps in Karmic payback for letting him go back to bed last night, John resurrected my computer.  He figured out it was probably the power supply, and came back with this in his hands.

I had visions of a mad scientist building a body out of parts.  Igor!  Bring the brain!

But it works!  And yes, I immediately made a backup of my database.  Two, in fact.  And I'm enjoying the fact that my computer desk is pretty clean, despite the fact that it's clean because he had to have room to work on the computer and we cleaned it by dumping everything on a nearby table.

Tomorrow is our makeup for the snow days, so the kids have school an extended play day in the school buildings because everyone is on vacation, and then we can really start Spring Break.  Oh, I SO need a day of rest.


Anonymous said...

Of course it works.. I went to MIT after all. You didn't mention where I got a new power supply for your computer on this fine day.

Ann in NJ said...

I didn't doubt your ability, just how you were going to get parts on a Sunday afternoon - and yes, you ripped the power supply out of YOUR computer to fix mine.

Now that's love.

ooolia said...

of course it works.
and that is true love.

Jill in MA said...

Yes, that is true love.

Suburban Correspondent said...

Off topic: re your comment on stinkbugs...Catch and release? Have you flipped? They meet up with other stinkbugs and make more! We flush them down the toilet.