Thursday, March 25, 2010

In Which I Become Somewhat Tired of Concerts

Our school district has a "Fine Arts Festival" every year in March.  There are concerts for chorus, orchestra, and band, and an art show.  Each type of music is on a seperate night, and includes groups from 5th grade up through the high school.  We've been attending since JC started music in 5th grade.  But since the two older kids are both musical, we now hit the trifecta.

Rachel sings in the 5th/6th grade chorus for her school, so that concert was last week.  2 5th/6th grade choirs, the middle school choir, 3 high school choirs.

Rachel also plays cello in the orchestra, so that was last night.  2 5th grade orchestras, 2 6th grade orchestras, 2 middle school orchestras (7th and 8th), and 2 high school orchestras.

JC plays in the band at the high school, and that concert is tonight.  2 5th grade bands, 2 6th grade bands, 2 from the middle school, and 3 high school bands.

I'll admit to being a little tired of rushing kids to school by 6:45, and not getting everyone home until 9:30pm.  And of sitting in the bleachers - just had a thought, can I bring my stadium seat tonight?

I suppose I should be glad it's not like last year - we had the trifecta plus.  Rachel and William both had pictures in the art show.  Which is yet another night.

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