Friday, March 5, 2010

The Red Mittens

But first we'll start with some snow.  These are pictures of the second major snowstorm we had during the month of February.
Behind William you can see our kind neighbor excavating access to our mailbox with his snowblower - which is much larger than our snowblower.

William and Rachel spent a lot of time constructing a sledding track down our hill into our neighbors bushes (the neighbor's daughter helped too).  I think we may have watched a bit too much of the luging and bobsledding at the Olympics.

I did not bother to dig out John's car.  I mean, why should I when no one was going to drive it?  Of course, we paid for that when the battery was dead by the time he got home.  Yes, we were able to jump it and it seems fine now.

My Olympic knitting.  I actually cast on before the opening ceremonies - but I ripped everything I had done out the next day and started over, so I'm still counting it.  I had gotten the gauge horribly wrong, but the do-over came out nice.  However, despite all my care at measuring, neither pair actually matches size-wise.  I'm not quite sure why, but maybe next time I'll count rows instead of just measuring.  The multi-colored ones are Rachel's, the blue ones are William's.

A gratuitous picture of JC just because I hardly ever post pictures of him.  He's shooting me with one of William's Nerf guns.

And yes, John bought me a pair of the infamous red Canada mittens.  He said they weren't hard to get, just tedious, with long lines of people and digging through several bins to find the "large" pair in a sea of "tiny" ones.  They're lovely warm (lined, even) and comfy, although I was ever so slightly disappointed that the maple leaf is appliqued, not knitted.  They're still cute.  He found the knit hats the Americans wore for the opening ceremonies, which JC liked, but they were extremely expensive (Ralph Lauren, of course), so no hat for JC.  Although I found a pattern online, so maybe...

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hokgardner said...

Awesome mittens all the way around.